image of Quiptron Skimmer
Quiptron Skimmer

Skimmers for in-ground pools

The Quiptron Skimmer skims a thinner layer of surface water at a higher velocity, resulting in 300 to 500% more surface skimming and it does it at flow rates as low as 40LPM. Conventional skimmers require flow rates of 100LPM or more. The weir is responsible for the Quiptron Skimmers's efficiency. Its hydrodynamic shape creates a lifting action on the wier, much like an airplane wing. This uplift speeds up the surface flow and eliminates ineffective deep currents.


  • Direct replacement for thousands of skimmers sold and installed trhough Australia.
  • One piece body-no glue joints for potential leaks.
  • Robust moulded basket locks in with bayonet action.
  • Flow-control valve.
  • Compliant to AS1926.3 when installed with an auxiliary outlet complying with AS1926.3 (6.1.2b).
  • 1 year warranty.