image of Automatic Water Fillers
Automatic Water Fillers

Protect your pool equipment by ensuring proper water level

Failure to keep your water level right can result in damage to pool equipment. The Pentair® automatic water filler protects your investment by using simple, reliable float mechanisms to monitor and control the water level in your pool or spa. When water drops below a preset level, the unit meters in additional water until the proper level is restored. If water levels are too high, the built-in overflow will take the right amount of water out of the system.


  • Tough, corrosion and chemical-resistant ABS polymer construction for years of trouble-free service.
  • Compact seven-inch diameter design makes it easier to incorporate into new designs or renovations in both standard and vanishing edge pools.
  • All models are available with brass or plastic fill valves. Lid and matching rings are available in almond, gray, black or white.